Different Ways of Wire Wrap Amethyst Cabochons

How to wire wrap Amethyst Cabochons? This is the question comes in one’s mind because this is the latest trend and comparably cheap. 

There are many ways through which you can make wire wrap Amethyst Cabochon jewelry at your own. For that, you just need some small tools and you can shape your Amethyst Cabochons Jewelry according to your desire.

Wire Wrap Amethyst Cabochon jewelry is generally used in earring, rings and necklaces. Wire wrap is one of the most secured ways to connect Amethyst Cabochons. You can make an eye pin from that, wrapped loop, double loop, briolette loop, open and close jump rings, s-clasp, connector, spiral, coil of wire and many more designs you can make.
Amethyst Cabochons are very popular in wire wrapped jewelry. If you want to know about the Amethyst Cabochon, then the color of Amethyst should be purple. But if you look it from different angles, then it shows a variety of color shades like deep purple, light lilac, lavender and mauve. Deep medium purple with rose colored flashes Amethyst stone is the top quality stone.

We also manufacture wire wrap Amethyst Cabochons in our own manufacturing units in India and Thailand. Our expert craftsmen use advance tools and machineries to create wire wrap Amethyst Wholesale for our customers.

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